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Before I became a long term traveler, I would take advantage of cheap vacation deals and low cost holidays that I found online or through weekly travel discount newsletters. Having a full time job in the US, it wasn’t easy (or even encouraged) to take vacation time so I always made the most of my vacation days by combining them with national holidays.

10 Travel Tips to find low cost Holidays and Vacations:


  1. Search for month long prices using to determine the best dates for you to fly so you can then ask for vacation time accordingly. If you are very flexible, search the whole year and find out the cheapest months to travel.
  2. Travel during the week. If possible, try to fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when there are less people traveling. You can also maximize vacation time by planning trips from Thurs day-Monday or Friday-Tuesday. (At least one of your flying days is on a ‘cheaper’ travel day.)
  3. Sign up for airline reward programs. The fastest way to a cheap vacation is to not have to pay for a flight. Invest 30 minutes of your time to sign up for programs then forget about it and earn free flights for things you buy anyway. Learn more about frequent flyer programs here.
  4. Right before or right after the high season are great times to find good vacation deals and the weather is usually best around this time too. Not too hot or cold. Generally, May and November are good travel months – right before Summer and December holidays.
  5. Sign up for weekly newsletters for travel dealers such as Travelzoo or Cheap Caribbean. Keep an eye out for flight sales and last minute specials.
  6. Look for alternate accommodation. Many types of accommodations to consider. The cost will vary depending on where you like to stay. There are condominiums, hotels, or vacation rental homes. Rent someone’s apartment or home on Airbnb or stay at a hostel through Hostelworld.
  7. Look for free accommodation. Stay on someone’s couch or spare room using Couchsurfing or work in exchange for accommodation through Workaway.
  8. Plan a working holiday. If there is a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, take a look at and to see if there are working opportunities that might be of interst to you while learning new skills, getting to know a different culture, and doing it all for free.
  9. Research travel blogs to learn their budget travel tips and get new ideas. Do a Google search such as ‘travel blog Mexico’ or ‘travel blog Thailand’ and see where the search results take you.
  10. Search online for cheaper ways of doing things. Do a Google search such as ‘cheapest way to get from Lima to Machu Picchu’ or ‘cheapest time to visit Italy’ and you can learn from other people’s experiences, reviews, or blog entries.


What are your tips on taking a low cost holiday or vacation?