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Round the World: Travel Routes

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Traveler Q&A: Round the World Route

One of the main questions people ask me about RTW (Round the World) trips is what route to take. It seems that many travelers choose similar destinations when embarking on a backpacking journey around the globe:

South East Asia – Australasia – South America

Of course there are many variations to this – some travelers go to Africa, others to India.

Depending on where  you live, you might head west or east. Typically people on the West Coast of the United States head East. Backpackers on the East Coast of the US or Europe tend to head East.

Departing from Los Angeles, I went West on my RTW trip. However, in hindsight it would have been preferable to go East. Check out the places I’ve travelled in my Travel Timeline.

I am providing you with a sample route departing from London. This would also apply to travelers from the East Coast of the US.

Traveling East from London to South East Asia – Australasia – South America

1) Fly London – Bangkok

2) Travel South East Asia Overland, Bangkok to Bali

For detailed information about traveling SE Asia, please check out RTW: South East Asia.

  • Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore – Bali

4) Fly Bali – Cairns

5) Travel Australia Overland, Cairns to Melbourne

6) Fly Melbourne – Auckland

For detailed information about traveling Australasia overland, please check out RTW: Australasia.

7) Travel New Zealand Overland, Auckland to Christchurch

8 Fly Christchurch – Santiago

9) Travel South America Overland, Chile to Brazil

  • Chile – Argentina – Bolivia – Peru – Ecuador – Columbia

10) Fly Colombia – Brazil

11) Fly Brazil – London

RTW tickets usually include free stopovers in connecting cities. Take them! They’ll enhance your trip and most importantly, they’re free! I got to fly to Fiji for free because of a connection.

Do you have a link on your blog with alternate RTW routes? Post them in the comments :-)