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I consider myself to be an “equal opportunity” traveler.

I don’t hate on anyone’s travel habits. I don’t care if you only go on cruises or group travel tours or if you only travel locally.

Why should I?

I may be a long term traveler now but that’s not how I started. I didn’t grow up traveling and it wasn’t something I always knew I wanted to do.

I owe everything to a serendipitous tour I joined just because I had no one else to travel with and I couldn’t imagine traveling all alone. This was in April of 2008.

Fast forward now 5 years later and I no longer need the comfort of a tour and have traveled all over the globe on my own. However…I needed to start somewhere.

For some people, me inclusive, group travel tours are the best way to get us out of our comfort zone and begin to open our eyes to all the possibilities the world has to offer. If we never leave home, we’ll never know what’s out there.

Many people feel as I did in the beginning: AFRAID. They can’t imagine traveling solo, especially as a female. While there are so many solo female travelers out there, we don’t realize that from our sheltered ideas at home.

I still remember my first time in a hostel and staring with amazement and inspiration at hearing the courageous stories of so many women traveling all on their own like it was no big deal.

Could I be that person, too? Would I be able to find the courage within myself to do what these brave souls were doing?

Well, not right from the start.

While I’ve always been very independent, travel was such a foreign concept to me, especially solo travel. I had to ease my way into it and group travel tours allowed me to do that.

If the only thing stopping you from following a dream of travel is not having someone to go with, then don’t make the mistake I almost did. I almost did not start my travels just because my friends did not want to go with me. I almost missed my chance to experience the 36 countries I’ve traveled to throughout the past 5 years. I’d still be in a cubicle today.Which is okay, but I much prefer the way things turned out 😉

So I say, go ahead and join a tour!

If it’s going to help you travel and follow your dreams then why not? Who cares if they only take you to “tourist traps“? At least you’re getting out there and giving yourself a chance to live and experience life.

And who knows, maybe the next time you decide to go on a trip it will just be you and you alone getting off the beaten path and exploring everything the world has to offer! Happy travels :-)

Group travel tour to Argentina/Brazil 2008

Group travel tour to Argentina/Brazil 2008