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Hi, I’m Alex!

In April of 2008, I dropped out of the traditional way of living life. I was a 25 year old woman, single, no children, and no mortgage. Aside from being lucky, I was also free. I had recently quit my job in the fashion industry and found myself with newfound freedom and a lottery winning of all the time in the world. Desperate to do a little traveling and nurse the wounds from my post job depression, I took a chance and landed a last-minute tour through India. Little did I know that this 3 week tour would change my life forever in more ways that I could ever imagine.

After an epiphany in the Himalayas, the result of the trip was a total life overhaul. I broke the lease to my Los Angeles apartment, chucked all my stuff into storage, got rid of my sports car, and even sold my designer shoes. Was the transition difficult? Find out.

What was supposed to be a 3 month career break turned into a life of indefinite travel and I’ve now been traveling for 8 years. I’ve been to 41 countries on 6 continents and I’m not ready to stop. I’ve traveled as a tourist, a backpacker, as a couple, and now as a digital nomad. is my first travel blog and as of January 2016 I am no longer updating it. However, I’ve created two other websites where you can continue to follow my journey: Work Travel and Live and Travel Fashion Girl. Find out more below!


Years of full-time travel


Travel Fashion Girl is a traveler’s guide to practical and stylish travel gear! offers women advice about how to pack clothing, beauty products, international packing lists, and travel gear that combines form, function, and fashion. Unparalleled packing lists, informative reviews, expert advice, and insightful interviews make Travel Fashion Girl a woman’s best pre-travel resource. It features on the road fashion and beauty advice from seasoned travelers and backpackers. Find out why over 300,000 women a month are reading TFG!

Work Travel and Live offers inspiration on how to earn a living remotely while traveling the world.

After this article was published on Cosmopolitan Magazine I received an influx of messages from women all over the world. They shared their stories with me, their goals, and their fears to do what I had done. How could they drop out of life and travel? I was honored that they were inspired by my story. I created with the hopes that I could help them believe in themselves and follow their dreams.