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Koh Samui Power Outage from Camille:

Have you ever been in a water shortage or without electricity for four days?

This week, I got a chance to experience living without these huge luxuries we take for granted every day. The islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan were with practically zero electricity because of a faulty power line. As of Tuesday, everything was shut and to make matters worse we were out of money and couldn’t transfer funds online or pull money out of the cash machines. To make matters worse, the water stopped working too. Not having electricity is one thing. Not having any water is a completely different story.

Koh Samui turned into what looked like a disaster zone with people stocking up on water, fuel for generators, and candles.

Fortunately, living down the street from the beach we bathed in the sea and used sea water to rinse the dirty dishes and flush the toilets. On the 3rd day of the outage, we found refuge in a nearby resort with a generator, Wi-Fi, and clean water for a fresh rinse.

When the electricity finally came back on Friday, we were elated! We could finally pull money out of the ATM and also take a proper shower. Or so I thought.

I had been patient all week despite the fact that tourists were so anxious for water and electricity they had fled the island in the thousands. To our dismay, our house was still without water until Friday night unlike our neighbors down the road that freely used their water supply to wash the streets.

It was 6pm and I could not go one more day without clean water. I needed a real shower! Our kind elderly neighbor Toi, showed us a trick to get some water from the connection to the washing machines.

I finally got a chance to shower with clean water. As I showered with my ration of 6 liter water I lost my patience and got angry at the situation. How was it that people were wasting water on hosing down the dirt in the street and here I was showering with buckets?

It was at that moment that I realized what a self-absorbed fool I was.

I am participating in the huge blogger charity event with Passports with Purpose to raise funds for people in Haiti that have absolutely no clean water and here I was wallowing in my stupid situation. Boy was I was humbled in my stupidity.

Washing with clean, safe water

Please take a moment to think about how you would feel without clean water even for one day? You can’t clean your clothes, do the dishes, or even flush the toilet. Think about the build up after 4 days! Now imagine a permanent life like this.

Please check out the remarkable organization Passports with Purpose. Not only can you give the gift of water for a donation as small as $10, but you also get a chance to win an incredible prize like a beautiful jewelry set from The Celtic Jeweler who sponsored Travel Fashion Girl’s charity giveaway.

Thank you for reading this story and please check out Passports with Purpose. You have a few more days to participate, win, and help bring clean water to people who truly need it. Donate  now 🙂

*Thank you to Camille with Samui Weather for letting me use the cover image.