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One of Travel Fashion Girl’s readers recently asked me on the best way to see New Zealand. I thought I’d share my answer with you!




Hello! Just curious about the best way to see New Zealand. Planning a trip soon and not sure on where to start.



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When I flew into Auckland there were so many travel options, which pretty much consist of bus travel unless you’re planning to rent or buy a campervan to drive around for several months or rent a car if you have someone to share the road trip with.

With the bus, these were the options when I was there.

  1. Travel slow and cheap on the budget bus companies I think it was Naked.
  2. Travel on either the Magic, Stray, or Kiwi Experience on/off bus tours.



These are such an awesome way to see everything and you can take advantage of one of their suggested itineraries based on how much time you have.

  1. The Kiwi Experience is basically for anyone under 21 that wants to party all the time.
  2. The Stray is for more serious travelers 25+.
  3. And the Magic bus which is the one I chose is somewhere in between. It was a mix of people in their 20s and 30s and offered the best pricing.



I met so many people on the bus and it was great because you could get off in one city for 3 days and jump on another bus to the next city when you’re ready. The buses also work with hostels and offer you discounts or can drop you off at your accommodation.



I believe Magic has now merged with the Kiwi Experience but if you Google “New Zealand backpacker buses” then you should find more info that way. So to answer your question, start by looking up bus travel in New Zealand. Have fun!


Here are some tips I feature for packing: Backpacking New Zealand Packing List



Hope this helps!