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Today’s pic of the week is from just a few months ago in July. I crossed off a major item on my Travel Bucket List: Sipidan Diving.

If you don’t already know, diving Sipidan Island is considered one of the top 10 diving locations in the entire world. While Borneo travel in general was a major reason why we came back to South East Asia, diving Sipidan was Harry and my  number one priority.

We were able to fit in three days of diving without reservations. The first two days were spent diving in surrounding dive sites including Mabul which was incredible for macro sea life. We saw fish we’d never seen before: scorpionfish, frogfish, lionfish, cuttle fish, sole, crocodile fish, and enormous turtles longer than me (well I’m only 5ft but still).

Although every unique and beautiful fish we saw was beyond incredible, we were beyond bummed to miss out on diving Sipidan Island itself. Without a reservation for permits, we were doomed.

And then it happened. We heard a single dive shop had permits available and sure enough – we got to go diving in Sipidan!

Was it worth it? OH YES!!! One of the best experiences of my entire travel career, diving Sipidan was worth every moment. From the vivid coral to the abundant schools of fish and white tip reef sharks lurking at every turn, it was underwater heaven. There’s just something exhilarating about exploring the underwater world. I never wanted this moment to end.

In today’s #FriFotos picture, one of the most memorable (and frightening) moments was when I was stuck in the “eye” of a tornado of jack fish.

I begin to panic with the thought that I just might find myself in the middle of a shark feeding session. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I don’t know where to look – it’s so overwhelming and thrilling all at the same time! An experience of a lifetime!

The only problem is that once you set your eyes on the underwater beauty of one of the best dive sites in the world, you want to see all of them. To be continued 😉

What’s your most incredible diving experience?