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One of Travel Fashion Girl’s readers recently emailed me with questions about my solo traveling specifically in Mexico. I thought I’d share my answer with you!



I’m reading your post on Mexico as I’m in the beginning stages of planning one month in Mexico where I will be traveling alone for the most part. I will go to Zihuatanejo for a weeding and was thinking of making my way south towards the Yucatan Peninsula. I also want to visit Chiapas, Mexico City and Puebla. Since I will be traveling alone I’m a little concerned with traveling overland vs flights and renting apartments rather than staying in hostels. In your experience do you think that traveling alone in Mexico for a budget female traveler going solo for the fist time is too risky? I know Spanish so language is not an issue. THANKS!!!

 Karen Melissa



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Solo Travel in Mexico



Thanks for your message! Generally speaking, traveling alone as woman is pretty much okay anywhere in the world but there are some precautions to be taken. I’m not sure about Chiapas but Yucatan, Puebla, and Mexico City are very busy tourist areas. As a solo woman, I always try to have a strong don’t mess me type look when I’m walking or getting from one place to another especially if it’s not a busy area. On buses and hostels however I try to look as friendly and warm as possible to make myself approachable by other travelers. People are always happy to meet others so don’t hesitate to start a conversation.


Maybe because I’m from Los Angeles I’m always incredibly aware of my surroundings and also weary about staying out too late if I’m on my own. Obviously if you’re going out at night alone or with others the same rules apply as being home: don’t accept drinks from others and don’t leave your drink unattended, etc. And don’t put yourself in a risky situation but that applies everywhere.


Most importantly though, I think there is safety in numbers and also part of the fun for me personally as a solo traveler has always been to meet other travelers. Why do you not want to stay at hostels or guest houses?


One of the best thing about staying at hostels is having the option of meeting others. You’ll also find that there may be people traveling in the same direction as you such as Puebla to Mexico City so it’s also nice to have company on travel days. My friend was dying to go to the Yucatan and she was so bummed out that she never had anyone to travel with. She finally gave in and stayed at hostels and had a blast!


There are different levels of hostels such as budget, party, boutique, family oriented, and those that draw a more mature crowd. How you can tell the types of hostel is by reading the reviews on hostel world or hostel bookers. The cheapest ones tend to have the youngest or shoestring budget crowd. Perhaps you choose one that isn’t shoestring and has nice reviews?


This is a real traveler friendly hostel in Tulum . Plus, renting apartments as a solo traveler isn’t really cheaper than staying at a hostel. If you don’t want to share a dorm then look for ones that offer private rooms.


Depending on how much time you have, buses are a great option. You can always break up long journeys by making stops for a couple days in between. This is the nice bus that you can take around Mexico (it gets freezing cold on the bus!) and you’ll see travelers and locals using it.


One more tip, I would definitely wear pocket underwear and keep your passport in there when traveling in between cities on buses (not during the day of course your passport should be locked away). Also try using something like the bra stash for your cash and cards.


Here are some posts that might help plus have links to these products:


Hope this helps!