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A couple of readers made a comment about germs on TFG’s Facebook page recently which made me think of some rather germy situations I’ve encountered while traveling. Anything from babies vomiting on me to falling into ditches filled with who knows what kind of water.

With this I bring you some rather stupid, but mostly funny things that have happened to me during 7 years of full time travel!





Baby Vomit

I offered to hold a lady’s baby while she went through the security line at the airport. The baby took one look at me and dribbled vomit all over my boots. Just the smell you’d like marinating in your shoes prior to a long flight, wouldn’t you say?

In a similar incident…


Kid Vomit

The driver’s sweet ten year old son decided to join him on the long, windy bus ride between Tikal and Lanquin in Guatemala. Towards the end of the journey the little boy’s face turns green and he throws up outside the window which send his vomit flying to the side of the van and onto the travelers sitting next to windows. Luckily, I only got a light spray during the three times this occurred. Other travelers were not so fortunate and it went all over their faces.


Bali Ditch

One of the biggest reasons why you should always travel with a headlamp or hand torch is to walk safely at night. I learned this the hard way in Bali.

I was desperate to use the bathroom but none of the beach shack restaurants had any. Since it was nighttime, I went around the back hoping to “pop a squat” discreetly when I fell into a ditch filled with water and who knows what else! Fortunately, my boyfriend heard the splash and came running to grab me and helped me out. I wasn’t horrified. I was absolutely disgusted! I couldn’t scrub my body hard enough that night in the shower. Ewww.




Skin Infection

During that same time in Bali…

I had actually just gotten a skin infection under my arms that was increasingly getting worse. As I made my way through Southeast Asia and Africa the doctors gave me various antibiotics, but the problem got bigger and reappeared on my skin more frequently. Fortunately, I had travel insurance, which covered me when I got back home in LA and I had to undergo several minimally invasive surgeries to drain the infection. Gross.


Bruised Black Leg

While I may have fallen into a water-filled ditch in Bali I didn’t have it quite so easy in Laos.

While dancing happily at the infamous tubing party in Vang Vieng I almost broke my leg when I fell into a hole in the wooden bar floor. My left leg was completely black from the bruising and took a couple of months to heal. I now have a permanent dent in my left thigh muscle as a souvenir.




Bruised Black Leg Part 2

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only time my leg has been bruised black.

While snorkeling in the remote Raja Ampat in Papua I got caught in one of Indonesia’s insane currents, which led me to get stuck hovering over a nest of Titan Trigger Fish. These aren’t just any fish. These guys are MASSIVE, are a menace for divers, and have teeth built to gnaw through rock and hard coral…and my leg apparently. Amidst my frantic battle against the current I felt a large bite on my calf and lost my mind! I had no idea what had bitten me and went from stressed to panicked swimmer in seconds. Fortunately, I was snorkeling with a guy that was a rescue diver and he helped me get out of the current and away from the jaws of these tank-like creatures. (I have since then become a rescue diver)


Bum Burn

However, this isn’t the first accident I’ve had while snorkeling.

Well, I’m not sure this qualifies as an accident but it sure was painful! In a moment of fearlessness, I lost my inhibitions and decided to take my bikini off while snorkeling in a desolate part of Sulawesi. I felt so free and snorkeling as the sun was setting was absolutely magical.

Little did I know that the sun had also set in a particular place on my body that had never seen the light of day: my bum! I had a bright blistering red sunburn right in the middle of my bum, the part that’s usually covered by my bikini. Ouch! One thing’s for sure, if you decide to go nude while snorkeling, don’t forget your sun block!


There you have it. Seven stupid and even gross things that have happened to me on my full time travels the past seven years. Has this ever happened to you? Share in the comments!