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Let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful islands in the world where a genuine culture prevails despite a flourishing tourism economy.


Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali





Have you heard about Kuta and Ubud? Well forget those places since this island is made up of over a million people and an array of towns.

Bali has so much to offer the inquisitive traveler with the ability to appreciate a country for all facets of it’s beauty.

These are my top six reasons why you should visit Bali.




1. Natural Beauty


There’s a reason why Bali is a world famous destination drawing millions every year.

Coconut trees, overgrown foliage, and the ever mesmerizing rice padi fields make up the lush green tropical setting awaiting you in Balinese paradise. Towering over loom two volcanos that offer epic views at sunrise – one overlooking a peaceful lake and the other an enchanting ocean.

With glistening white sand beaches to mysterious black pebbly seasides, the beaches here are endless offering something for every traveler: Amed for nomads seeking the sleepy undeveloped fishing village; Uluwatu for those hoping to catch that once in a lifetime wave; Peterum for divers in search of underwater heaven; Sanur for luxury resort dwellers; and Kuta for those that just want to party.




2. Architecture


The architecture in Bali is one of a kind and cant be found in other parts of Indonesia.

Traditional Balinese homes resemble elegant temples in their intricate architecture and design. In fact, each home has its own outdoor shrine. The hand carved stone fixtures are works of art.

Set amongst the natural beauty of Bali, the architecture adds to the serene allure of the island creating a peaceful ambiance for all visitors.




3. Local Dress


It seems that jeans and t-shirts have replaced local dress the world over and Bali is no exception. However, many locals still wear traditional dress daily and some even incorporate it into their modernized styles.

Think sarongs with leather jacket and shades. Sounds like the perfect Southern California combo to me.

Throughout the island, traditional sarongs are worn by men and women of all ages. The men pair them with a headwrap and the women wear theirs with delicate Balinese lace blouses and satin sashes.

Locals can also be seen wearing traditional dress for daily religious ceremonies.




4. Religion


Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali has adopted a Hindu religion while the rest of the country is Muslim. Although, their religion differs from Hinduism practiced in India.

During your stay you’ll see little touches of rituals practiced everyday including a small hand woven offering placed outside of businesses, homes, and even on vehicles.

When visiting temples you’ll see these and larger offerings that include flowers, fruit, and other food.

During larger religious celebrations the offerings grow in size and women can be seen carrying baskets or trays full of fruit and even whole cooked chickens. It’s inspiring to see their devotion shown through their time and efforts dedicated to these rituals.




5. Food


Balinese cuisine seems to offer a more flavorable pallet than other parts of Indonesia.

For travelers that have been on the road for a while and would like a break from the neverending Nasi Goreng options; you might appreciate the variety of western food available in the more tourist areas.

A few international restaurants that stood out were Cachos Mexican in Uluwatu (burrito meal 54,000; Greek in Kuta (Greek Club Sandwich meal 20,000); and Bali Buddha Bakery in Ubud (10,000 Quiche).




6. Water Activities


Bali’s an island – you can’t go wrong with water activities!

Head to Uluwatu and the Bukit Peninsula for epic, barreling waves. For the chance to dive with manta rays and mola mola, catch a boat to Nusa Lembongan. Not a cerified diver? No problem, snorkel your way up the East Coast or head to the Palau Mengangan. For a more chilled out kitesurfing experience, Sanur’s the place to go.

As an underwater fanatic, Bali will keep me coming back for more.