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Thinking of visiting Brighton, holding a boozy weekend or even organising your hen party? Brighton is full of  wonderful goings on, guaranteed to cure your adventure craving. Brighton is often called the party capital of England, and, rest assured, this title is well earned. But its merits do not stop there. Brighton is also fantastic for cultural and seasonal celebrations. During the winter months, Brighton does not disappoint. Here is a guide of things to do for your visit:

1. Ogle at arty creations

If you know anything about Brighton, you’d know that the people who live there are creative types. During Christmas 2013, artists around Brighton are offering members of the public to come to their houses have a nose at their artwork for free. If art isn’t really your thing, you could go just to have a cup of tea and perhaps get something knitted for your Mum. The artists may only have herbal tea, not the proper stuff, mind you.

2. Gather your hens and let them loose in Brighton

Are you or one of your friends planning a hen party? Consider having it in Brighton. You can even recruit event organisers like Hen Heaven to sort out your perfect party for you. Hen Heaven have a package called the ‘Brighton Eat Sleep Party Hen Weekend’, which includes a three course meal, and queue jump privileges to the best bars and clubs in Brighton. Or you can just go about things the old fashioned way, watching a bunch of gorgeous half naked men gyrating. Yum. Perhaps you could even ask the fellas if they’d like to come and skate with you and your girls the morning after! At only £10 a session, Brighton Pavilion’s ice rink is open every day during the frosty winter months.

photo by: Clive Darra

3. Shop in North Laine

Yes, that’s how it’s spelt. North Laine is full of independent shops and coffee places. Each of the shops are diverse and niche, varying from stocking comic books to high end beauty products.

Ensure that you go to Snooper’s Paradise, one of the best vintage shops in Brighton. If you still have that tricky niece you still haven’t bought a Christmas present for, you should definitely go. You can’t go wrong with Snooper’s affordable prices and wacky memorabilia.

4. Burn a clock with the locals

During the shortest day of the year, Brighton locals commemorate the winter solstice by burning giant paper clocks. Yes, really. The idea of the event is to turn the focus away from corporate Christmas exploits, celebrating art and shared experience instead. You can get involved, by buying your own lantern and joining the parade as the effigies burn bright.

photo by: David Stanley

5. Take a ride on the Brighton Wheel

See Brighton from a bird’s eye view on The Brighton Wheel. If there are clear skies, you’ll be able to see wonderful panoramic views of the city and the famous seafront. Brighton Wheel offers a lovely VIP champagne experience. If that isn’t your poison, perhaps you can ask them to swap it for mulled wine, if you’re cheeky enough. Don’t forget to go before the last day of your visit; you might spot another part of Brighton while you’re on the ride that you’ll want to explore later.