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Transportation Options for Your Trip to Australia

When traveling to Australia, you have a wide variety of travel options to explore this beautiful country.

The distances between the cities and towns can be easily underestimated due to the vastness of the continent. Whether it’s an overnight bus a 3 hour flight or a leisurely drive, these are four travel options for your trip to Australia:

Get Around by Cars and Camper Rentals

Just like in the US, road tripping is a great way to see Australia’s beautiful and vast landscape.  Some rent a car but many opt for camper vans maximizing their budgets by using their transport as accommodation. The East Coast from Sydney up to Cairns is covered with campers, travelling around in vehicles from the providers such as Wicked, Hippie Camper, Spaceships, and East Coast Car Rentals. This is a great option to see Australia whether you’re a family or group of backpackers.

Get Around by Plane

Because of the vast distances involved, flying is an ideal transportation option in Australia especially for those pressed with time. Services found in the main business travel path run almost like the usual bus service, wherein flights leave every 15 minutes during the day. To get cheap flights to Australia, shop early and compare prices. There are four domestic airlines in the country and there are several which cater to regional destinations.

Get Around by Bus

Traveling by bus is a popular option for visitors, for the reason that it is much cheaper than air travel. The popular service provider Greyhound offers affordable transport between towns and cities.  Offering over 1100 destinations in the country every day, every year, Greyhound offers many options to allow tourists to travel in their own pace. Get on and off wherever you like. You can even pre-book a package that includes all the stops in your journey. To maximize your time and save money on accommodation, take overnight bus trips in between destinations.

Get Around by Tours

For many backpackers, a popular travel option is to use an on and off bus service called the Oz Experience. Not only do you get comfortable coach transport to top destinations, you also have an opportunity to meet other travelers which is all part of the fun. There are different packages available and some even include tours to must see hot spots like Fraser Island and Whitsundays.

Australia offers picturesque landscapes as well as an amazing metropolis. Beaches, deserts, mountains, grasslands and plateaus boast of the country’s natural treasures. Alongside it, vibrant cities thrive into a culture rich with music, arts, leisure and technology.

Travelers can enjoy the best of both worlds, with an overwhelming choice of activities to pick and do. Hiking, trekking, scuba diving, kayaking, sky diving and sailing are among some favorites. 

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