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Travel to Egypt’s Budget

Travel Paradise: Dahab






Egypt is one of the top European holiday destinations and with good reason.


A myriad of smiling friendly faces welcome you as you take your first stroll through Dahab. Touts, vendors, and restaurant hosts have adapted a kind and genuine sales approach always offering a helping hand to the traveler ensuring that you see their beloved country in the best light.


It seemed as if everyone visiting Dahab in July was a repeat customer having visited several times before so certainly they have been spellbound as I found myself after spending nearly three weeks in this backpacker beachside town.




Dahab is a magical place with a slow paced life, everyone ensuring that you enjoy a worry free holiday. By the end of our three-week dive trip, I’d really fallen in love with this town and with the easily accessible shore dives.


With dives starting at just 20£ each, it’s not only one if the cheapest places to dive in the world but one of the most beautiful!


Divers all over the world rave about the beauty of the Red Sea and with spectacular visibility, thriving reefs, and vibrant marine life, it really is a divers paradise.




Just a few short steps from the shore lay vivid coral spectacle, an underwater universe that thrives despite the packs of travelers that visit every year.


Because tourism in Egypt has plummeted, it’s possible to take advantage of rock bottom hotel deals and dive packages. We heard about all inclusive hotel offers in Sharm El Sheik for about 25£ per night! Pair low costs to low tourism and you’ve got the dive sites practically to yourself.


Travel to Egypt's Budget Travel Paradise: Dahab


As a budget destination it also attracts many backpackers as it seems they always find the most beautiful places to live, eat, and be merry at a fraction of the price as someone on a package holiday.


As a budget traveler and an avid scuba diver, I will be returning to Dahab in the future!