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As a girl that grew up in sunny southern California, the thought of snow is always exciting. As the temperature drops to freezing here in the UK, I remember a ski trip to Whistler where I spent two days on the mountain in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

When I picture winter in my head, I always remember this trip. As we drove up to Whistler from Vancouver our eyes suddenly fell upon one of the most beautiful sights we had ever seen.

White fluffy snow covered the ground, the endless rows of trees, and everywhere you can imagine. The natural setting that surrounded us was absolutely breathtaking.

We couldn’t help but pull over to take it all in. I remember standing outside the car like children as the soft and delicate snow fell into our palms. We were absolutely mesmerized by these white puffy snowflakes that fell from the sky.

We continued our journey enamored with the beauty that surrounded us. When we arrived in Whistler, we were frantic with excitement as we saw the cute powdery town. This may not seem exciting to you but we’d never been surrounded by so much snow in our lives. It was a big deal.

And then our gaze fell upon the enormous mountain with trees that seemed to cover every square inch of the land. Forever and always, this image will always remind me of that moment and the beauty of Whistler Canada.

We spent the next two days on our weekend getaway learning to ski and snowboard and our nights warming up in the toasty ski lodge bars. While snowboarding down the massive slopes was an ultimate high, the memories that stay in my mind are of Whistler itself.

On the third day instead of going for a morning ski run before beginning our journey home, we stayed back to play in the snow. We made snow men, rented a sleigh, and reveled in the delight of being children again. It was time for the cliché snow angel moment. We just couldn’t get enough!

I don’t think we will get the thick layer of snow that Whistler is famous for, but as soon as we get even a trickle of snow, you bet i‘ll be outside playing with it!