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Travel on the Cheap with Woofing Projects Abroad

As we begin to prepare for the next leg of our world travel journey we’re once again looking forward to take advantage of the many cool woofing type work exchange programs available around the globe with Workaway.

Last year, we did four woofing or work exchange programs, 3 out of 4 booked through this service.

  • The first we managed a remote eco-lodge Hotelito Perdido on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala and ended up having one of the best travel experiences yet.
  • The second we worked for a non-profit eco activist organization Phangan Project for 3 weeks on Koh Phangan where we learned our personal strength and weaknesses.
  • The third work exchange was to act as hosts in the middle of the jungle in Borneo at a broken down camp.
  • And the last was on Koh Samui working as writers in exchange for accommodation in the beautiful Koh Samui Island.

Were they all positive experiences? Mostly. Were they worth it? YES!

What we’ve come to find with work exchange programs is that it’s not just about free travel. In fact, while we only spent $50 in 5 weeks working in the Guatemala gig, we overspent in Koh Phangan.

However, the most important thing about these work exchanges was the life experience and the opportunity to get involved in projects we would never know at home and also meet people that touched our lives in so many positive ways. For me personally, meeting Brandy, Enda, and even Tom in Koh Samui has impacted me so much with the result being Travel Fashion Girl and long lasting relationships.

For us, participating in a work exchange means that we can save some money, but we can also meet wonderful people and gain new life experiences and skills.

One of the mistakes that you don’t want to make is something we saw repeatedly while working at the exchange in Koh Samui. It seemed as if many people were on such a tight budget that the only travel plans they had in the country was the work exchange. They did not have enough money to actually travel which is why I now think that budget travel sucks – when you let it get the best of you.

In our quest to learn how to travel the world for free, learned many lessons in our 14 month journey through Central America and South East Asia last year and we’re ready to make a new, more knowledgeable game plan to do it all over again. And with the hopes of continuing to expand ourselves, we’re looking forward to the many world travel woofing opportunities found on Workaway.

If you’ve done a woofing or work exchange program on your world travels, please share your experience in the comments!