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One of Travel Fashion Girl’s readers recently asked me about  worry free travel tips for a trip to Italy. I thought I’d share my answer with you!



My very loving fiance and I made the decision to take our chances with a Groupon for Italy. We checked with the travel agency, and called the hotels that are reserved for stay, and everything seems on the up and up.

We are trying to prepare for contingency according to what some of the reviewers have mentioned as being “problems”. We will be responsible for finding our own fun which is fine, but we will be in Rome and Sorrento during October and would like to know of things to do during the Fall. Most suggestions seem to be for the summer months.

Also, are there any other safeguards that we should take should our plans be altered (ie. delayed flight from our overlay in Turkey) Any advice or tips would be most appreciated. We are by no means luxury travelers and don’t mind a little discomfort to get our experience, but want to be safe and not waste time. Hopefully, we can come back with some material for a piece on taking big travel risks.



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Great to hear from you!

It sounds like you’ve taken the best safety precautions necessary. To be honest, one of the things I dislike the most about tours is when they don’t give you any free time. For me, the fact that they are giving you days on your own is a bonus. One of the reasons why I love group tours is that they give you an overview of all the best places when you first arrive allowing you to use your free time afterwards to return to the places where you didn’t get enough time.

October is probably one of the best times to visit Italy as the summer months can be crazy with tourists, insane with heat, and many businesses go on “holiday” in August and shut down.

Another way to find things to do that are of interest to you specifically are by reading through a travel guide. I buy one for all my trips. I like the Lonely Planet series and this is the one for Italy. Another essential travel resource I’ve used since the beginning of my travel is the Lonely Planet forum which you can find here.

Another way to spend your free time is simply to walk around and take in the sights. I’ve never been to Sorrento but in places like Paris and Rome I love just walking the streets and pretending I live there. You can see so much by just walking and discovering – it’s all part of the fun!

One of the best things I did this last time in Rome was a city tour with the Roman Guy which was a fantastic way to get settled in, see the main sights, then make a plan for the rest of the time. Their private Vatican was also top notch and the fashionable tour guide had her doctorate in Roman Theology which made it even more spectacular!

One of my other favorite things in Rome was a cooking class and food tour with Eating Italy. That was truly the best way to sample Italian cuisine and avoid the touristy spots. Can’t recommend them enough! (I’ve also gone on their food tour in London, too. Top Notch!)

While you can do as much to prepare in advance the best thing to keep in mind is to be prepared to go with the flow and make the most of the unexpected. Remember not to let what other people say in reviews get to you too much because what bothers one person may be no big deal to another.

The idea “not to sweat the small stuff” doesn’t work for all travelers so you have to make your own opinions and make the experience your own personal journey. Some of my fondest travel memories have been when things didn’t always go as planned – it can lead to big adventures if you let the wind take you 🙂


Also, here is my 10 Step Packing Guide for Italy in case you need any packing tips: 10 Step Packing Guides for Italy


I hope these tips help you feel a bit more relaxed. Have a wonderful trip!  What are your best travel tips for Italy? Share and comment below!